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Miracle of Sound - Encore
Shooter Guy and Life In Bullet Time

MiracleOfSound | 5 Jul 2012 07:30
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Shooter Guy

I like military shooters. They're fun. Modern Warefare 2's campaign was one of the most fun 7 or 8 hours I ever spent in front of my Xbox. But they are beginning to feel a little bit tired and formulaic these days. E3 was a perfect example; it felt like a game-loving army general had become the boss of every publisher at the event - shooter after shooter after shooter.

"Shooter Guy" was my way of having a little fun with all the silly things we see over and over again in these games and also my way of pointing out that well, maybe some if these things are overused a bit. I consider the song an affectionate poke at them rather than an angry rant though.

Musically, this one was easy. I wanted it to sound like something the guys in the game would actually listen to. The big, bluesy overdriven slide guitar always makes me think of Southern rock, and the pumping, almost hip-hop beat gave it a more contemporary edge.

Another thing this song is poking gentle fun at is gaming raps, or "nerdcore" as I have been informed it is called (emphasis on "gentle" - I have had some very upset internet rappers lambast me on Twitter for my comments regarding the genre). While there are some examples of excellent game related raps out there (Dan Bull and Jace Hall come to mind), I find the majority of the stuff out there to be utter aural defecation displaying no talent, lyrical ability or musical creativity. Oh, you can mumble about getting a headshot over a sample or parody of someone else's song? Congratulations, Dr. Dre must be real jealous.

The "360 no-scope" and "pre-pubescent sniper" parts also got some sensitive souls very upset, to which I would say I am truly very sorry ... not for the song, but sorry that you appear to have no sense of humour or the ability to laugh at yourself.

Anyway, before I get myself in more trouble I'll move on. The lyrical style in the song is inspired by the gaming rap stuff in a way. It's not really rap but it's not really just singing either - it's somewhere stuck between the two. I guess that was my way of saying that very rhythmical and staccato vocals can also be musical, there isn't a rule to say they should be mutually exclusive.


Judging by the video, you really suck at these games.

Judging by my life, sucking at games isn't something that bothers or worries me.

Is "middle class white kids rapping is so ghetto" a jab at gaming raps?

Maybe. Or perhaps I genuinely enjoy middle class white kids rapping about their no-scope headshot ladder stall skills and feel that they are in fact, acutely representative of the multi-cultured working class neighborhoods that first spawned the gangsta-rap genre and its associated ebonics.

Was that a Yahtzee reference on the "chest high wall" line?


This was good until he got all racist against white people. Self hating white guy, pathetic.

If you interpreted that line as racist in any way shape or form, you have some issues you need to look at. The line is making fun of people who try to act like something they are not.

This sounds really like that song from Borderlands.

I don't think it does but I can see how someone would - they both have slide guitar and a mid tempo groove.

Why no Halo in the video? Why do you hate Halo so much?

Why are Halo fans so bloody sensitive? I like Halo. I just didn't think to use it in the video.

As always folks, let me know which songs you'd like to hear about next. If you want me talk about some older ones then I will! Have a good fortnight, keep an eye on Twitter and I'll see you at SDCC!

Miracle of Sound's new album, Level 2, will be out on Bandcamp and iTunes the 12th of July.

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