I loved Prometheus. But then again I also loved The Dark Knight Rises and the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut. I'm a firm believer that "plot holes" and flaws in continuity and logic don't really matter as long as a story is emotionally/visually/thematically satisfying enough to keep my suspension of disbelief going. It's been a long time since a movie has given me a sense of mystery and wonder like Prometheus, and that is what I mainly wanted to capture with "DNA". The song is structured like the movie - beginning slowly and full of mystery, then (minor spoiler-ish sentence ahead) shifting gear into crazy techno-industrial body-horror.

The inspirations for the music were a) Nine Inch Nails and b) the movie's own soundtrack. Slow building, repeating melodic mantras are something often used by Trent Reznor and it's something I am a big fan of. The main string melody is meant to sound similar to the various classical pieces in 2001 (a movie that Prometheus reminded me of a lot). I added little discordant notes and weird bending sound effects under it here and there to keep it feeling a bit sinister and unsettling despite being quite pretty.

I equalized the vocals to sound like I was singing from inside a space helmet. Lots of you enjoyed this little touch! The vocals are heavily layered in the "loud" part of the song, and the moments where they break apart, stutter and cut in and out are meant to imply a person being torn apart from the "DNA" outwards and the twisting, contorting pain that might cause.


It was amazing but way too short.

I didn't want it to overstay its welcome. People have short attention spans, which I'll get to again later ...

Stupid movie! Rage! Anger! Ridley Scott ruined my life! Etc., etc. ...

It was amusing to see how many of the comments that week were shitting on the movie. At least they weren't shitting on the actual song!

Mediocre movie, mediocre song.


Terrible film, great song.


Great movie but I'm not a fan of this style of song.


One second, doesn't Miracle Of Sound only do videogames?

One second, doesn't Metallica only do thrash metal?

The graphics in this game are amazing!

I dunno, think they need more antiscopic aliasing and anti-LOD distance rendering-filtering and ... stuff.

The sound didn't feel natural. I don't know how much time you spend fixing the audio usually, but this time around the whole show seemed to consist of different kind of artificial alterations to what was a very repetitive and simple song. It reminded me of any of a thousand generic teen pop songs that have a single refrain / chorus that is heard ad nauseam.

The song was meant to be a mantra of sorts. And yes that does mean repeating one theme while adding in different layers to it. Personally I love that style of music, though I can understand it may seem boring or dull to those not gifted with much of an attention span.

Is this song on your Level 2 album, which is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify, Zune and Itunes and costs only 9.99 for 18 high quality, amazing songs? I am a real person!

Why yes, it certainly is!

See you next month folks!

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