The Dark Knight Rises gets a lot of flak for its supposed plotholes (many of which aren't actually plotholes but a lack of observational skills or memory in the viewer or Nolan working in metaphors, but that's a whole other topic) but it was my favorite of the three movies simply because it was such an emotionally rewarding thrill ride. It all comes back to the thing I spoke about after the Mass Effect 3 extended cut. Some stories may have holes, parts that make no sense or flaws in the pacing and narrative, but as long as I feel emotionally rewarded by them, I can overlook those flaws (within reason of course - I'll never forgive Michael Bay for the way he handled a certain Autobot's death in Dark of the Moon).

I wanted to capture a little of the emotionally intense, bombastic feel of The Dark Knight Rises in "Rise" and what better way than to borrow (translation: rip off) the rigid, stabbing staccato string style from, well, every modern Batman movie and game. It just sounds so right for him - aggressive and angry but also quite elegant and graceful. The bells and big brass moments are in there too, referencing Hans Zimmer's amazing scores.

Verse one deals with the League Of Shadows' long history of "sacrificing the sprawl," i.e., destroying the shining capitals of the world to make an example when they are deemed to have become too corrupt and debauched. The rest of the song is about Bruce motivating himself to overcome the various trials he encounters in the movie, which I won't spoil here.

A few observant fans noticed that the middle section repeats the melody from "Mind Of The Bat." Well spotted! I like to put little references like that in songs about the same subject matter, it ties them together (same way Joker's song actually had "mind of this bat" in the lyrics). The Bane voice was easy enough to do, I just had to growl in a posh Shakespearean English accent and raise it up and down theatrically. I added a mild chorus effect to it to emulate his tortured breathing sound.

The final line of the song is a call back to Bruce's father pulling him out of the bat filled hole - a moment that really shapes the whole trilogy in my eyes.

I was very nervous about this one, to be honest. I haven't really proved myself when it comes to movie songs yet so it was great and very encouraging that it got such an overwhelmingly positive response.


Why don't you get an original idea instead of ripping off stories from games and movies?

I'd link you to a few but you probably wouldn't like them because they're just ripping off my life.

Stellar song and can I just say Mr. Clouse you did a great job of the video.

I loved Justin's video for this one, it was amazing. Every line fit the images but my favorite part for sure was how he ended it with Batman swooping into the camera, it really fit the final wallop of the music.

I did not enjoy that at all.

Don't bother to tell us why or anything.

There was way too much reverb on the vocals.

This was said by a couple of people. However, there is no reverb on the vocals in this song. None. Zero. Keyboard critics need to research what they are talking about before letting their fingers make them look silly.

I thought Miracle Of Sound only made game songs.

And Metallica only make thrash metal.

The synths in this song sound too much like The New Black Gold.

Ah, the old "one of your songs sounds like another one" line. I love that one. I hope you never listen to a Green Day or Status Quo album, your ears might not be able to tell the difference between each tune.

I don't get it ... what is the point of this?

What is the point of any song?

It seems your compositions are magic as long as what you're composing about means something to you.

I think you're right. All my best songs are about stories or characters that I find moving or interesting.

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