Miracle of Sound - Encore

Miracle of Sound - Encore
Roll Out and The Escapist Expo

MiracleOfSound | 4 Oct 2012 16:00
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I made the transforming noise and robot voices from scratch using my music gear. There are no samples of the show or game in the song. I had to download an entire separate synth plugin (think of it like DLC for your synthesizer program) to create the transforming sound. It took about 2 hours to go from a vanilla sine wave into that wonderful iconic noise that no one was ever able to recreate in the playground. The Soundwave voice had to be right too, given that, well, my friggin' music project is named after him. It's a closely guarded secret how they made his voice but I think I got it pretty close - at least it's certainly the closest I have heard that isn't the actual show itself.

The electro synth plus drums in the verses are a homage to the amazing soundtrack from the old movie and the chorus is a tribute to the cheesy anthemic 80s pop-rock songs in it ("You got the touch! You got the POWAAAAH!").

As for the lyrics, not much to say really. They are pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. I especially enjoyed writing the ones giving little digs at that movie that totally doesn't exist in my wonderful world of denial and nostalgia.

This one got a great reception. It was really nice to have the extra two weeks to let the song develop. I got to try lots of ideas and pick the best ones, so I'll be sticking to this routine from now on.

Now I have to buy the Cybertron games, and it's all your fault!

Please do! They really are great games and extremely faithful to the G1 lore and characters. Some of the jokes in the cartoon and movie even make their way in, unchanged. The newer game is also a ridiculously fun and varied set-piece filled shooter. I loved it.

Great song but the best part is Gav going "OM NOM NOM NOM NOM lol"

Ha! Yeah, Grimlock strikes me as the kinda guy who would actually "om nom" his food.

Your Soundwave voice sucked.

When you find the secret formula let me know. Though I have a feeling your attempts would be ... inferior.

I never understood why the new Transformers movies made people mad until today.

Mission accomplished. The new movies are the equivalent making a Borderlands game with 3 guns in it.

I feel like things such as a list of characters' names and their marketable trait is kind of ... Cheap. Like you're just trying to fit in as many references as possible?

That was based on the idea of the song being akin to a kids' TV show intro.

It's Berylium Baloney, not Veridium.

Yeah, I got that one wrong. I made an emergency edit for the Bandcamp/Itunes version and now Grimlock's line is correct.

Am I the only one who heard "We're gonna blow these stinkin' cunts away" in stead of cons ...

Apparently you're not. A few people said it. Oh, well.

I have to give mad props to Justin for the video. It fits the song perfectly and the splicing of footage from the cartoon was a smart move.

It was definitely one of the best videos yet, up there with "The New Black Gold" in my opinion.

Funny note: Every time Optimus told the Autobots to "Roll out" in the Bay movies, they just ran. Apparently they couldn't even get THAT right.

What is this "Bay movie" you speak of? I know of no such thing.

In closing, let's just have a little honest moment here. Yeah, the first movie wasn't too bad. It has some fun moments, cool action and it was great seeing Optimus in live action for the first time. Sam wasn't as excruciating in it as he was when he whinged and whined his way through Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon. Next time though, I wish they would give subject matter like this to people like Neill Blomkamp or Joss Whedon.

See you next month!

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