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Best Superhero Team Ever

Firefilm | 7 May 2012 16:00
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Dan: In case you guys didn't see the big ol' ad on the Escapist homepage, or the billboard we got up on I-84 in Portland, Oregon ... we extended the deadline for submitting to the Ur Right Answer contest one week. So for all you who had finals, or were too busy watching The Avengers 10 times in a row, you have until 9pm pacific time on the 17th to email your submission to us. So do it. Now. Why are you still reading this?

Well if you are still reading this, it must be because you wanted to know my reasoning for the judging of points this last week. By far this was the hardest episode to judge, because I had strong feelings on what made a good team and both guys were pulling no punches.

First point went to Chris for the argument that the Avengers is a better team due to the lax admission requirements. When I heard this, I realized that flexibility is pretty important when addressing threats that require superheroes. If you need to fight something, you want to pick the right fighters. The Avengers have the capability of pulling from a crazy large roster of players, and often tailor their current team to the threat at hand.

Then Kyle throws a huge comeback that Chris actually helped agree with. The Justice League, as Chris chimed in, only admits the finest, richest, strongest superheroes to their roster. Color me stupid, but isn't that exactly what you want when you need saving? It's almost as if the Avengers are the team best suited for fighting and the JL are the team you want saving you.

Tied so far. On a side note, it seems to me that Marvel heroes are defined by their personal demons and flaws, while DC heroes are defined by the villains and disasters they have to fight. Anyone agree with that?

Kyle snags another point right away with the argument that every member of the Justice League is a cultural icon. Each member could save the world and universe themselves and with that kind of cultural notoriety and power they still manage to work together as a team. Without going into who could win in a fistfight, the Justice League tends to have more raw power behind them. With more power comes more tendency to not need a team, yet there they are.

Many of you were confused at the next point given to Chris. Why did he get a point for the argument that the Avengers fights each other more? Well, as a married man, I can tell you that if you don't fight ever, the relationship is in trouble. I mean, you also don't want to fight every day over every thing, but a certain level of grievance airing is needed to keep things healthy. The fact that the Avengers are willing to blow off some steam here and there to keep their team functioning is a point towards them being a better team. Justice League, I am free for group counseling when you feel ready.

Normally I don't award points simply because of an objective truth, but Chris just wanted it more. Robert Downey Jr. is better than Christian Bale. There's no way to debate around that. Done deal. But don't worry, worse things have happened, I think we're going to be just fine.

Due to various scheduling issues, I won't be able to allow the Avengers to pass through my "Mark I eyeballs" until Wednesday. So until then, I am a virgin in what is obviously the best movie since a theater mishap led to Batman Begins, Avatar and Cheerleader Teens in Heat being spliced together into one movie. That was a good day.

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