No Right Explanation

No Right Explanation
The British Are Coming!

Firefilm | 28 May 2012 16:00
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Kyle: I'll take my cues from Chris and explain why I did not favor the runners-up for UR Right Answer. And as usual, I will use my cold and bold logic. Because I have a decent reason for all of my decisions. That's why I have the Rebel Alliance symbol tattooed on my lower back...more on that later, I suppose.

Best TV Scientist

What I loved about this entry was the incredibly specific topic, which had a good nostalgia factor. This is the kind of stuff that makes for a good first episode of the day on an NRA filming day. It gets the nerdy/argumentative juices flowing. Ultimately, this entry did have a lopsided energy quotient. Which works. After all, the two scientists in question were different in the same respect. But I did not choose this one because (like our own episode regarding Doug Funnie vs. Tommy Pickles) it is incredibly generation-specific and accessible only to those of us who happened to be paying attention during these shows and not fiddling with the Hot Wheels car in his pocket...ahem.

Best Comic Book Video Game

Unlike Chris, I've got no problems with our smaller, younger viewers. I took the presence of a younger fellow in stride and tried to concentrate on the debate. And really this was a great topic because it combines our two most frequent topics: gaming and comics. My problem with the debate itself is that it seemed to go off the rails, and there seemed to be two different arguments going on. One was which game was better, and the other was which does games better between DC and Marvel. Still, fun times.

Apples vs Oranges

I've been saying the same thing to Chris, Dan, and Chase and Watson since I saw this entry. What a daring choice of topic. And as Chris pointed out, this debate is very much the spirit of No Right Answer, in as much as the debate is really incomplete and has no specific end. It's the kind of debate that geeks and nerds and gamers and fanboys and trollers really engage in: the kind where everything is a matter of personal opinion that can be called into question. Also, I really liked the use of the Dan-esque images. But of course there were some issues where the images cut out too quick, and other technical glitches. Not to say the glitches counted for much for me, but timing is everything with jokes and I've said many times that the images Dan drops into the video are what make us more amusing.

Bethesda vs Bioware

What I really dig about this entry, our winner, is that these guys really made the show their own. They were more comfortable because they were being themselves, drinking what they wanted to drink, and keeping it as serious or silly as they wanted. And the topic fell right into the happy medium for me. It's a fairly straightforward topic that is relevant to the gamer world recently, and it was overanalyzed with a kind of scholarly detachment. I really dig it.

Oh, and anybody got a problem with a bunch of people who whipped out a camera and gave it their best shot? If so, go screw yourself. All of our contestants had guts to send a video. And they have all the props I can wrangle.

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