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No Right Explanation
Dr. Who Will Be Performing Your Surgery Today

Firefilm | 18 Jun 2012 16:00
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Kyle: It's not everyday that I get the deciding vote on a debate. Ultimately, my vote went to the Time Lord because of the caveats that we put on our debate.

While I fully agree that Dr. Zoidberg is the better character, he's clearly not the better doctor. And his criteria for being a Non-Medical doctor is shoddy at best. For starters, the door to his office says Dr. John Zoidberg, "M." D. and while he does display a doctorate in Art, it is also explained that he's a brilliant alien physiologist who just happens to know next to dick about human anatomy.

So it's all very ambiguous, but it's clear that Dr. Zoidberg's position at Planet Express is as a medical doctor. He sews up the injured, he diagnoses them with alien illnesses, and Fry even had to be medically examined by him before going into space in the first episodes.

Meanwhile, The Doctor may hold some medical training, but it is heavily implied that his title is a ceremonial label of authority. His appointment as a doctor is less medical in nature. And he's obviously better at his position as "Doctor" than Zoidberg. Even in the realm of alien physiology (that Zoidberg was supposed to be an expert in), he kinda messed up and momentarily turned the Professor into a double-yeti.

And the Doctor has used his title as a rallying symbol in the past. When London was under (fake and real) alien attack, the Doctor was their symbol of hope. The PM got on the tellie and publicly begged for his assistance. Meanwhile Zoidberg has used his title to try to get laid, and even announced himself as a doctor in the gym, resulting in a few premature pregnancies in the water aerobics class.

Having said all this, I find Dr. Zoidberg more lovable in his plight and he is always capable of making me laugh. Now, if this had been best space doctor between Zoidberg and Dr. Lazarus from Galaxy Quest, Johnny Z would have won. No contest.

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