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Dr. Who Will Be Performing Your Surgery Today

Firefilm | 18 Jun 2012 16:00
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Dan: This week we saw a huge influx of great debate suggestions at our Facebook fan page for No Right Answer. I couldn't figure out why this was, until I remembered that I asked the audience myself to send us in more debate suggestions. It's not that I have the memory of a goldfish, but rather I didn't realize that our show had reached the tipping point of having actual fan interaction. It's fantastic, and something I have always wanted for the show. I look forward to greater and greater interaction between us and you the fans. Perhaps next time we film we can live tweet so that if you guys tweet back, you can help decide the outcome of a debate. One can dream...

Points time! First delicious digit went to Chris for a pure informational fact. If you miss a particular episode in Futurama's new seasons you would still think that Dr. Zoidberg is a medical doctor, if not a terrible one. Chris shows that he is a true Zoidberg aficionado by informing the public that the space lobster does in fact have a doctorate, just not in anything medical. As for why we didn't include other famous non-medical doctors in this debate like Dr. Jones or Doc Brown ... see our episode on worst videogame turned movie.

I snagged the second point by listing all the defining traits that The Doctor has, namely going places and fixing things. I have seen every episode of the new run and it is always wonderful to see how The Doctor finds a problem and fixes it purely because he wants to help people. It is a definite departure in television formula from a very similar Star Trek: TNG that shows a group going around fixing alien societies because humans clearly are the only race that got it right and we have to share our social rules with others. I am not saying TNG isn't gold, but certain episodes can feel a bit preachy and Doctor Who hasn't gotten there for me quite yet.

Chris comes back with the odd fact that Zoidberg has saved the crew even though he doesn't have any special tools. Yes, oddly enough robot Santa felt that Zoidberg is the only being on future Earth that deserves to be on the nice list. Yes, The Doctor generally only has nice things done for him after he saves someone. Yes, I lost my train of thought. But the fact of the matter is, Zoidberg is a very bare-bones character both in material aids and emotional complexity. And for the simple one to save the day is more of a feat than the genius one.

I tied it up with likening The Doctor's tools to Zoidberg's claws; they wouldn't be the same characters without them. Sure, there are older seasons of Doctor Who where The Doctor went without certain staple tools, but he always does something clever with the technology at hand. To say he isn't clever because he had to use technology doesn't hold water. The Doctor isn't tricky because he uses tricky tools, he's tricky and he uses tricky tools.

I snagged the winning point by describing any doctor practicing today, and then shocking the audience with the twist that I was actually talking about The Doctor. Ok, maybe it didn't happen like that, but the idea is that The Doctor got to choose his name and he chose what he did because that's the kind of life he wanted to lead. In my opinion he does a pretty good job of that, and that is why he wins the debate ... in this timeline anyways.

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