No Right Explanation

No Right Explanation
The Pusher Wins in Minecraft Vs. Pokemon

Firefilm | 9 Jul 2012 16:00
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Kyle: Big issue that everyone took with the decision this week: What?! No World of Warcraft?!

Nope. Sorry, but going by the drug analogy at the end of the episode, if Pokémon is crack and Minecraft is marijuana, then World of Warcraft is clearly sex.

Addictive, sure. Wonderful, absolutely. But in the same category as the others? Not quite. You see, WoW puts you in a world where interaction with others is pretty much required, and commitment to other real humans is encouraged. One could argue that this makes it a much more worthy pursuit of your time as a gamer, rather than a time-sink.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand: Pokémon versus Minecraft. I think the problem here is that Pokémon has too many opportunities for the player to say, "Hell with it. I'm finished."

As Chris points out, you can trade through multiple games, but it isn't necessary if you haven't got the cash for it. You can search for all the Pokémon in the game, or in all games in the series, and call it quits there. Or you can also build that perfect team of six and take on the world whatever-the-hell-those-games-are-about.

But the big aspect is that you can decide for yourself when you've reached the bloody end. Your end conditions are there for you to choose. But in Minecraft, there's just no such thing as an end. I might get bored and stop playing - Fat chance, have you seen my underwater pavilion that leads up to an indoor movie theater inside a mountain? - but I'll never reach a predetermined end.

Also, there seems to be a whopping ton of things I can decide to do in Minecraft. As I said in the episode, I can either collect diamonds all the live-long day, or I can collect books because of how damn hard they are to make. Or I can skip collecting and just beat the ever-loving piss out of some creepers. Or I can build a boat and get lost in the draw-rate looking for land.

Meanwhile, in Pokémon, I am pretty much sandbagged if I can't get past some dickwad in a funny jumpsuit and his level seven Giggle-Balls. There's nowhere left for me to go, and I can search the area I've unlocked all I want ... but I only find crappy Goldeens.

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