No Right Explanation

No Right Explanation
Who Would Win FTW

Firefilm | 20 Aug 2012 12:00
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Dan: Great Scott, did this episode's popularity throw me a curve ball. Almost a complete 180 from what my feelings were about it during the editing process. Cutting and splicing the footage together, my thoughts focused on how people would complain that we were just playing a card game in front of the camera. There were even several card pulls that I had to cut for time, and I worried I was leaving the funnier parts on the cutting room floor. Our fans are great, wonderful people and they have renewed my faith once again. Our energy was high, our luck was with us, and in the end, it's just fun to debate.

The only episode that matched this popularity in the past was our "Worst Videogame to Movie Transition", and that one was a similar rapid-fire style as well. Perhaps there is something to learn from this, however I don't want to rush into making every episode multi-topic. Spacing these things out just might be the secret ingredient that makes them so special.

Some people caught the grading error I made by giving Chris the first point instead of Kyle for a debate he clearly won. I mean, not only did I spell Jacques Cousteau's first name wrong, but then I didn't give him the pillow fight award. Was I asleep at the wheel? Pretty much yes, though I wouldn't put it that harshly. It's the type of thing that just required a once-through with an editing eye, but that eye was preoccupied with a teething baby. Excuses aside, you as the audience deserve a quality product, and I will continue to strive for ever higher levels of such.

Anyways, I loved being part of this episode because it was almost like an improv exercise to get us in the mood to debate. It's definitely a stretch of the grey matter to think of legitimate reasons why Clooney would beat Lucy in musical chairs. Maybe before we do a day of shooting episodes, we'll play a few rounds of this game to get the juices flowing. I can assure you, the episodes we filmed after this episode are top notch insanity, and I would love to give you the topics early. OK, maybe just a hint. One of the topics will be repeated when Kyle and I drive to PAX and get hungry along the way. Ooooo, you're all in for a treat when that one airs.

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