No Right Explanation

No Right Explanation
Sexiest People at PAX

Firefilm | 10 Sep 2012 16:00
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Kyle: I think the most fun I had with this episode was asking for justification. Upon receiving an answer for these asinine questions, I delighted in following up with "Why?"

I find that this is the difference between most of the comments, complaints, and death threats that we receive. Because of the beauty of the Internet, you can take someone else's opinion and re-post it with "^^THIS^^" as your shining contribution, or maybe rip us a new one for forgetting ... that one anime, that is clearly the best everything ... yeah, that one. With a camera in your grill and some goofy red-faced jackass with a microphone hounding you, you can easily state your opinion but it gets really difficult to verbalize why Knightfall sucks harder than Death of Superman.

Mostly, I want to touch on how patient and good-spirited these folks were. The majority of them were tired (it was frakking 10:00 pm on Day 1 of PAX), and they were waiting in line to see some classy Bob Chipman or Yahtzee Croshaw material. They probably weren't expecting three nut jobs asking them questions like these.

I did want to mention how informed some of our guest debaters were. Look! A real anime fan! Someone who knew stuff about Thomas Jefferson! And the snappiest answer to an Avengers/Justice League question ever ... looking back on some of our debates from fresh eyes, I can see that sometimes one side had no chance. In what world would the ending to Grand Theft Auto be worse than Borderlands? I completely forgot about that.

In general, this was a humbling experience. I take away from it this thought: No Right Answer is our ongoing debate. There are many, many, many more like it, but this one is ours.

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