Pick Your Path Adventures

Pick Your Path Adventures
Assassin's Creed: New World

Mike Kayatta | 25 Oct 2013 16:00
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"Handsome Danny," you say. "Let me out of this thing."

Danny moves his head from behind his laptop and arches an eyebrow at you. His lips are covered in Cheetos dust. "I didn't see you find anything about a space apple," he says, swallowing. "Nor did I see you unlock your potential as an assassin."

"Then at least tell me what this apple is," you say. "At least tell me what we're doing here! And at least ... give me some of those Cheetos. Man, I'm hungry."

Danny walks to the bed and hands you the rest of his bag. You can't do much with it, seeing as how your hands are strapped in place. "Okay, look," he says. " Both Greta and I answered an Abstergo ad for temporary employment, assuming that meant it was a paid gig. I mean, it says 'employment', right? Anyway, our manager wasn't aware of the situation - her name was Beth, by the way, pretty cool person, neat car, green, manual transmission, anyway, she thinks it's some hold up with HR, right? 'Just wait, I'm sure the check is coming, etc. etc.' But see, the real problem was that whoever's in marketing over there just worded the ad funny. They were never expecting to pay anyone. It was supposed to say 'intern.' Meanwhile, Greta and I are like 'we just did a bunch of complicated smart person work for you' and they're all like 'if you try to sue us we'll have you assassinated' so, to Greta, I'm like 'let's steal the broken Animus from storage, make off with the database, and find whatever the hell this apple thing is before they do, and random them for it!'"

"Hold on," you say. "Let me get this straight. You have no idea what we're looking for, and we're doing this for ... some sort of disputed back pay?"

"If you want to put it like that sure. But that's about us. Unlocking your assassin genes or whatever is about you. We're not entirely sure when or how it happens, but we saw it work with other people who used the Animus. Our goals are intertwined."

"The assassins want to kill me," you point out.

"Nah," he saws casually. "You pulled out. When you go back in, it will be a clean version of history. You're back to secretary of the fleet as he was in the books. Which is not very much, by the way. No offense. Now lay back. Greta? We're on again."

"Wait!" you yell. Suddenly, you're upright again, standing in a crowd of very angry-sounding seamen. You seem to have accidentally gotten their attention instead of Danny's. The crowd quiets.

Hey, Danny says quickly. Sorry, should have told you. There's a mutiny thing going on. I put you back in about two months later--the crew's a bit mad that there's been no sign of land. They, of course, don't yet know they'll be reaching it in two day's time.

Somehow you've been dropped into the middle of a pivotal point in this voyage.

"Well?" Columbus asks loudly. He's poised at the front of the mob.

Speak up for Columbus, and try to sway the mob to calm.

Columbus be damned. Do nothing.

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