Pick Your Path Adventures

Pick Your Path Adventures
Assassin's Creed: New World

Mike Kayatta | 25 Oct 2013 16:00
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You stand up hurriedly, smashing the tops of your thighs into the bottom of your desk as you rise from the uncomfortable chair that's been your butt's best friend for far too long. The noise of your keyboard rattling against the corkboard attracts the attention of your coworkers.

"Woah-ho-ho!" Jerry yells excitedly from a cubicle across the small room. "Someone is excited to do Human Intelligence Tasks this morning! We should all learn from--"

"Go munch on someone's beard, Jerry!" you yell as you stomp out of the room. You were never very good at insults.

Soon, you find yourself on the street where you left your car parked beside a meter not ten minutes ago. You won't be getting a refund for the prepaid time, but that $3.25 doesn't matter now. Oh no, you've got a destiny waiting for you, a big, stinking, important destiny that no one can take away from you. And you know that it's true because it was, uh, implied by some ... random ... person ... on the internet. Oh boy. Your enthusiasm drains out of you, but seeing as how you already told Jerry to munch on a beard, you decide to drive to the lot anyway.

You arrive to find the old gas station even more abandoned than you remember, if that's even possible. Stepping quietly, you trace its border cautiously, looking for something, anything that may have been left for you. Suddenly, you hear footsteps approaching quickly behind you from the adjoining trees.

It's a trap! Run for your life!

It's a trap! Muster those karate lessons you took from age 5 - 11 and turn to face your attacker.

It's a trap! You're good at neither running, nor fighting. Probably best to just stand here dumbly and hope it's a squirrel.

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