Sneaking out from the alienage, you arrive at the chapel and pass Melwen's information along to the templars. Like so many times before, three armed members of the order arrive the following morning on an "anonymous tip" to arrest the girl.

She'll be safer in the Circle, you tell yourself. Actually, I've probably saved her from becoming an abomination and accidentally killing someone.

No sooner do you think it than you see your sister rushing one of the templar guards with flailing arms and piercing wails. He places a hand on the haft of his sword and begins to shout something to her-presumably a warning to come no further-but she reaches him before he can finish. She strikes him lightly against his armored chest only once before his blade is through her stomach. Your heart sinks, and your sister's body slides from the metal into the dust. The templars leave with her daughter in tow without reaction.

Eredhis, one of the community's elders, is quick to approach you. Other elves begin to approach as he accuses you loudly. "Do not think we are blind to your actions," he chides passionately. "Disappearing every night before one more of us is taken by the humans. How much do they pay you? What is the cost of a dead sister and imprisoned niece? Is it more or less than a neighbor or friend?"

Humbly admit to your actions.

Smugly claim innocence.

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