You decide against turning your niece into the templars' custody, and go to bed that night feeling strangely good about yourself. You lose that peace in the morning when you awake to find a small squadron of templars appear to claim her anyway. How did they know?

As you watch Melwen being led from the alienage, you're approached by Eredhis, one of the community's elders. "I'll admit," he says quietly, "I had thought it was you. Every time one of us went missing, you'd always seemed to be gone for some reason or another the night before."

You turn to him, and furrow your brow. "You had me watched?" you ask.

"Just last night," he replies. "And you have my apologies. It couldn't have been--"

Before he can finish, you're grabbed gruffly by the shoulder and pulled roughly away from the others by one of the templar knights. Once you're alone with him, he lifts the visor of his helmet and you recognize him as your primary contact.

"Funny we didn't hear from you," he said.

"I didn't--"

"Save the lies," he says, closing his visor. "You broke our deal, elf."

"I--", you try. It's too late, he's gone.

Unnerved, you head home to sleep. Two hours later, you're awoken by a quiet, shuffling noise coming from somewhere inside the hut. You turn to look behind you, and are immediately faced by an unfamiliar elf. You're sure he's not from the alienage. He smiles at you.

"How did you get in here?"

"Who are you?"

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