"I didn't realize that she would ... " you manage.

"So you admit it!" he cries incredulously.

"I suppose there's no point in denying things," you reply glumly.

The old elf nods his head, too angry to easily find his next words. Eventually, he simply says, "Then I hereby banish you from our community." Without another word, he pivots on his heels and walks back toward his home.

Shaken, you head home. It's your right to stay and stand trial before a selection of elders, but you know what the outcome will be. There's no reason not to leave in the morning before things worsen. Once others know, the alienage is unlikely to be safe for you. Somehow, eventually, you manage to fall asleep.

Two hours later, you're awoken by a quiet, shuffling noise coming from somewhere inside the hut. You turn to look behind you, and are immediately faced by an unfamiliar elf. You're sure he's not from the alienage. He smiles at you.

"How did you get in here?"

"Who are you?"

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