You continue beyond the merchant and make your way past the guard to the Diamond Quarter with ease. You were even able to pocket a sovereign from the payment without his notice. It's the first of many things that soon go perfectly according to your plans. After only a few short days, you've got Thomnir Branka, a prominent young noble, squarely devoted to your every desire. A week later, he's proposed to you, just as Duglin said he would.

Thomnir moves you into his estate immediately, shirking tradition by rushing arrangements prior to an actual wedding. It's one of the reasons you chose to pursue him; the youthful ones are always the most capricious. Considering your casteless birth, your life could not be headed in a better direction than it is at this moment.

A week before the wedding, Duglin shows up as planned, under escort by guards to the manor door. As you'd both discussed, this is the moment where Duglin's investments finally benefit him. Without any genealogical records, he can easily claim to be your relative, and thus enter the same societal rung you've just achieved.

Thomnir, of course, doesn't know any of this. His face shows it as he looks at the dirty merchant standing in his doorway claiming to be his fiancée's uncle. You never liked Duglin, and though it's improbable, if there was ever any risk to your plans, he represents it.

"Dearest," Thormir says sweetly, "do you know this man?"

Stick to the plan: "Of course I do. This man is my beloved uncle."

Divert from the plan: "I have never seen him before in my life."

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