You purchase the necklace and immediately string it over your neck. For a moment, you sense an approaching wave of guilt. Then you finger the small, ornately cut gem at its center and let the feeling slide past you. The necklace is wonderful and fully worth whatever delay it's caused in Duglin's plans.

You turn and walk back to Duglin's stall, where you find him very confused to see your return. The look of confusion transforms into one of intense anger as his eyes drift from your once empty neck to the now empty hand where he'd originally placed his gold.

"What have you done?" he growls.

You explain yourself, though it does little to sway the man's resentment. After some argument, you part ways with an understanding that Duglin will work to earn enough money to try again sometime in the next year. You go back to your home and fall asleep smiling, confident that you've just bought yourself another year of good wine, music, dancing, and free trips to the best stylist in the Commons.

It's dark outside by the time you're awoken by a quiet, shuffling noise coming from somewhere just behind your bed frame. You turn to look behind you and are immediately faced by what you instantly realize is an intruder. He smiles at you.

"What are you doing here?"

"How did you get in here?"

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