You make your way back to Whiterun to visit the Jarl. He, nor anyone but the Cleanshaven and Alduin the turtle, will ever know the importance of your deeds, but perhaps you can find just recognition for something else.

This time when you appear at court, there is no wait. The Jarl agrees to see you immediately. You tell the man of the library above his city, and the last remaining Snow Elf that you found serving as its keeper. You speak of the endless knowledge stored in its halls, and of the power and wealth one might gain by discovering a practical way of coming and going.

The Jarl listens to your tale with great interest, his eyes widening and his smile curling at the prospect of claiming such a powerful institution for Whiterun. As you finish, he wastes no time in proclaiming an expedition to the library as the city's top priority. Soon, he will call a meeting with the realm's most prominent mages and engineers to discuss discovering a method to approach the floating ring safely.

In recognition of your adventures, he grants you the title of Archthane, a new political position falling between the other Thanes and the Jarl himself! You're granted riches, treasure, the largest house in the city, and a friendly hoursecarl named Cynthia.

Years pass as days, and the expedition to the library it seems the world has been waiting for is finally upon you. The Jarl's team discovered a method of traveling down through a directed portal placed high above the clouds, then repelling on ropes into the building's windows. It works flawlessly. The treasures and knowledge of the library bring Whiterun an unprecedented renaissance of innovation, wisdom, and peace.

The Jarl grows older with the passing of time, and eventually, at the height of his city's prosperity, he passes away painlessly in his bed. It's not long before the Court unanimously nominates you to take his place. You live the rest of your days as the ruler of Whiterun, to be remembered always as its most respected, benevolent, and beloved leader.


Mike Kayatta is a contributing news writer for The Escapist and the author of John Gone. Paul Goodman is a loyal editorial assistant at The Escapist. Together, they fight crime.

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