You agree, and begin scanning the area for blue flowers. After all, helping random strangers with boring tasks always seems to pay off in strange and unpredictable ways, right?

The search continues for hours and hours, and you soon see why the man needed your help in the first place. Night has fallen and you've yet to find even one of the plants required for his collection! You've had enough, and decide the monk should hear it. First, you'll need to find him.

You walk back toward the clearing on the path where you met, and see a hazy shape past the howling wind and snow.

"I'm done with this, monk!" you yell. "Find your own flowers!"

Your words are met with silence.

"Are you listening to me?" you exclaim a few moments later. You step forward and quickly realize your mistake. The shape in front of you isn't the monk at all, only a burly snow bear. At first, you're annoyed by this unexpected turn of events, but soon get to speak your mind to the monk after all ... from within the bear's large intestine.


Mike Kayatta is a contributing news writer for The Escapist and the author of John Gone. Paul Goodman is a loyal editorial assistant at The Escapist. Together, they fight crime.

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