You ignore the man's request and continue up the mountain. After all, who in their right mind would stop everything they're doing to help a complete stranger collect an arbitrary number of an arbitrary thing? Absolute madness, you think. Anyway, what did he mean, "lost?" It's a mountain, that fool; there's only one way to go, and that's up!

After a long and arduous journey, you make out a large stone structure in the distance. Could this be to where you've been travelling? Your knees are wobbling and you may have lost one of your smaller toes to frostbite (what are those really for, anyway?) but you're here, and your destiny awaits.

Surprised to find a last speck of energy, you excitedly dash up the stairs into the structure at their top. You walk through the stone entryway and immediately overhear a deep voice echoing out from within.

Soon, you've arrived in the main chamber, and in front of you, stands the man with the horned helmet surrounded by a semicircle of old men in lengthy, ashen beards. Every one of them seems surprised to see you.

"I made it, you guys," you say, stumbling into the group. "I'm the dovha-man, or whatever. You called for me this morning? Whew, some hike to get up here, huh? Sheesh!"

The man in the helmet begins to speak, but a quick wrinkled hand to his lips from the robed man beside him quiets his words.

"Welcome," says the old man. "We are the Greybeards, an ancient and honored order dedicated to wielding and studying what we call the Voice, which is what you must have heard this morning."

"Okay, great," you reply, rubbing your hands together. "So who's this guy? He must have come here by accident, right?" You stick your thumb toward the man in the helmet.

The old man coughs into his hand before speaking. "Actually, child, this man is the one known as Dovahkiin, the Dragon Born, the one for whom we called this morning."

"Oh," you manage. "Then I--"

"But," he interrupts, "perhaps there's a way for you to help us. We could use a test subj--er--new participant in the ritual you accidentally interrupted. Or, Brother Wolfgar could use your help with his own important project in the back."

Help Brother Wolfgar

Help with the ritual

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