You aren't quite sure what made you decide to travel for weeks to reach Solitude, the heart of Imperial Skyrim and nearly as far away from where you should have gone as you could, but hey, maybe it was the "rebel in you" that your uncle Mortimer was always complaining about. Anyway, someone mentioned something about a Blue Palace being there, and that sounded like it could be sort of neat.

You finish your sightseeing tour of the frozen North and decide that you should get back on track and head to-wait, where were you supposed to be going again? Oh well, you consider, you'll have ample time to figure that out on the road South.

As you amble merrily down the mountain path you suddenly remember something your mother once said. "You've got half a chance gettin' ate by a bear just crossin' road to the store." That's funny, you think. If you really had a 50% chance of getting attacked by a bear traveling naught a half-mile, then what would be the odds of getting eaten travelling across the country by foot? That musing is your last. A bear soon attacks and eats you. But really, why were you traveling to Solitude in the first place?


Mike Kayatta is a contributing news writer for The Escapist and the author of John Gone. Paul Goodman is a loyal editorial assistant at The Escapist. Together, they fight crime.

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