You pass on the ceremony; something about it just doesn't feel right. Instead, you walk slowly to the back room in search of this Wolfgar character with a broken heart. You were sure you heard destiny's call this morning, and now this, this, hip dragon-killer with a sweet hat gets summoned to hang out with a bunch of monks sporting rockin' beards while you're stuck seeking out the B-team for an ignominious task? Oh well, he did say it was important, after all.

You find Wolfgang in the back sweeping leaves from the stone floor into a small dustpan. You ask him what you're supposed to be working on, but he doesn't respond. Instead, he hands you a broom. At first, you're offended, but after the hundredth leaf, you're actually feeling better than you were when you first came up here. Wolfgang doesn't speak much, but looking at the sparkle in the old man's eye tells you that maybe, just maybe, you understand one another on a level deeper than mere words can communicate.

A day passes, and then a week. Soon, you're given your own robe, your own room, and even your own dustpan! This may not have been the destiny you were hoping for, but it certainly beats mining beets.


Mike Kayatta is a contributing news writer for The Escapist and the author of John Gone. Paul Goodman is a loyal editorial assistant at The Escapist. Together, they fight crime.

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