You scoff condescendingly and throw in a finger wag for good measure. As if following this random troublemaking stranger's suggestion would realistically get you anywhere other than thrown in a lonely jail cell. Anyway, you've just remembered that Whiterun is located next to a mountain. A very tall mountain. And you know else what is very tall? That's right, the sky.

You leave the city's border and look for the tallest nearby peak. It's easy to see for which mountain you're looking. It's the only one with a tip that breaks the cloud cover. You walk to its base and stretch. This isn't going to be easy.

You spend hours upon hours trying to make your way up the mountain. Climbing is a much different experience than you imagined. You've spent many a day travelling down into caves after beets, and had imagined that ascending a rock wall would be somehow similar-the harness, the crampons, the ropes-but in reverse. Instead, much of it involves running as far forward against the mountainside as possible, then running side-to-side while jumping over and over again, hoping to somehow catch the small bit of terrain that will allow you to move onto the next parallel path above and repeat the process.

It's mid-afternoon by the time you reach the top, and much to your great satisfaction, you spy the library nearby! The entire building is a gigantic stone ring with numerous rectangular windows cut into its side. As you stand and gaze upon its odd, impressive structure, you also realize that it's slowly spinning. You wonder what type of ancient magic is able to keep it afloat. The mere sight of it impresses.

The building is close, but not that close, and the longer you watch it slowly spin, the more you wonder if you'll actually be able to reach it by jumping, which is pretty much your only option from here. If it was just a few inches closer, you'd feel more comfortable.

You can make it. Jump!

It was a good try, but this is just too risky. Admit defeat, descend the mountain, and follow the advice of the cloaked man from the Jarl's hall.

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