"Alright, Cleanshaven," you say with as much import as your naturally nasally voice will allow. "Tell me, why have you summoned me to your enclave."

"Tell me, Turtleborn," Splint replies, stepping toward you with an impish grin. "What happened with the troll a few hours past?"

"Well, I slew it, of course," you reply, defensively. "My beefy biceps contain the strength of twenty Nord--" The man raises his right eyebrow at you, and it breaks your false composure. You release a weak sigh, drop your shoulders, and speak honestly. "I don't know what happened. It was coming at me, and I said these dumb words."

"Dumb words," he repeats quizzically. "Explain."

"The words from the board at the foot of my bed," you reply. "I've never known their purpose before today, and maybe I still don't know. I've said them many times before today, but this is the first time they actually did anything. It was like ... the troll was somehow sucked toward me, as if I pulled him closer by uttering them."

"Those words are the words of the Torta, that's "turtle" in your tongue," Splint replies. "They are words of great power."

"Why didn't they do anything before today?" you ask, now thoroughly confused.

"Well, child," he chuckles jovially, "you probably never whispered them before."


"It is the only way to draw power from the words. You must whisper them. Whisper them so quietly that almost none can hear them. Here, here, child, let us try them now. Remember the words, and try to whisper them at Lurk over there." He points at the Cleanshaven across the room. "But remember them carefully. Your Whispers hold great power, Turtleborn, many of which even the Cleanshaven do not fully understand. Speaking them incorrectly could mean certain doom for us all. Now ... Whisper!"

Muup, Merp, Meee!

Meep, Merp, Muuu!

Klaatu, Barada ... Necktie?

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