With Herbert by your side, you travel to Winterhold, where you've heard those with the gift study spells of fire and ice. Honestly, that's partially why you've chosen to try your luck here with the Archmage; perhaps you'll learn a thing or two while you look for the necklace. After all, Dovahkiin's Shouts might decimate your Whispers, but it would be an interesting, and likely fulfilling experiment to see how that machismo-fueled barbarian would deal with a fireball summoned directly inside of his stomach. Drunk with giddy on the thought, you walk the long bridge to the College entrance.

As you approach, you spy a young, blonde Dunmer running rapidly in the opposite direction. She halts for a moment as she reaches you.

"What are you doing here?" she screams. "Get out, get out! The freshmen mages, they've opened a portal to Oblivion, the fools! Get out, get out while your flesh willingly clings to your bones as it should."

"Well, that's a gross way to put it," you remark, as she runs past you.

Oblivion gate? That doesn't sound happy. Surely things aren't this bad with the Companions. I'll try there instead.

You've never liked demons, much. Best to leave now before meeting one face-to-face, and head to your second choice, the Thieves' Guild.

You never thought this was going to be easy. Okay, well, maybe you did, but you're already here and things aren't much likely to be easier elsewhere. Onward!

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