You travel to Jorrvaskr; it's not too far from Dragonsreach. You've never been to the famed base of the Companions before today, but the giant hall they call home is simple to find. It's the only building that looks like an upside down, beached Nordic ship.

You open the door to find most inside drinking mead at the long table that spans the hall. Most look to you as you walk inside.

"Ah, what do we have here?" an old man asks, standing from his seat at the head of the table. He walks toward you, accompanied by a woman with a bow strapped to her back. "A new recruit?"

You smile. "Not quite, sir. I need to speak the leader of your order about a necklace."

"Well," he replies, "we have no official leader here, but I am the Harbinger of this order, so perhaps I can help. The name's Kodlak, pleased to meet you." You shake the man's hand. "Now, you said something about a necklace?"

"Yes," you reply quickly. "It's very important. I know this is going to sound strange, but you were once given a necklace, one of three ever made, and I need it to help save the world from colliding with Sovngarde and unleashing an unstoppable zombie apocalypse."

The man scratches him chin. "Hmm, that does sound important. Here, take it."

As the man reaches behind his neck to unlatch his necklace, he suddenly drops to his knees and slams the palms of his hand against the floor. "Oh, no," he shouts. "Not again. Damn you, Hircine! Damn this accursed curse!" He begins to writhe on the floor, clawing at his clothing and pulling at his hair.

You look to the other Companions frantically. "What should we do?" you yell. "What's happening to him?"

The woman with the bow puts her hand around your shoulders and walks you just a few steps away. "Hi," she begins. "I'm Aela, one of the Companions here. Let me explain something about ol' Kodlak over there."

You look behind you to Kodlak, still in spasm against the floor. "No!" he yells. "I don't want to be a werewolf!"

"Did he just say 'werewolf'?" you ask Aela.

She slaps her forehead and sighs. "Yes," she replies. "The old man believes himself a werewolf."

"But he's not?"

"Of course not."

"Oh," you say. "Of course. That would be ridiculous."

"Well," she replies, "not so ridiculous. The rest of us here suffer from legitimate lycanthropy, which is to say, we're actual werewolves. Kodlak is the only one among us somehow immune to the disease. He's somehow gone and developed what they call 'clinical lycanthropy' in its place."

"Clinical lycanthropy?" you ask curiously, no longer quite as comfortable with Aela's arm around you as you had been before learning of her affliction.

"Yes," she answers. "It's a psychological disorder he has that makes him think he's a werewolf, even though he isn't. He's completely convinced he's a wild animal in this state; he's even been known to attack people, claiming it's the curse."

"Wow," you say. "That's terrible." You look back to Kodlak. He's completely torn off his clothes and is now naked on the floor, growling at a passing skeever.

Approach and grab the necklace from him. He was going to give it to you anyway.

Try to talk him back to "normal" so he can hand over the necklace of his own accord.

You didn't sign up for this. Head to the Mage's College instead.

You've seen some weird stuff in your day, but a naked howling man who thinks he's a wolf monster is just too much to digest. Head to Riften and try your luck with the Thieves' Guild instead.

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