You decide that the poor girl lying on the ground in front of you, more jumbled spaghetti now than elf, deserves more than to be forgotten in the snow. Plus, she's the third in what can now be considered a string of murders, and who knows which poor Riverwood denizen would be next if someone didn't take the time to get to the bottom of things.

You begin your investigation by asking questions of the townsfolk. It's not long before you discover the identity of the first victim, a young Argonian fisherman named Jaree-Ja. A few more questions later lead you to learn of Meen-Sa, another Argonian, this one a champion swimmer. Now for the difficult part; you approach the mother of the recently deceased to learn of her daughter's life leading up to her death.

The woman doesn't say much about her other than her name, Anya, and that she held apprenticeship as a carpenter. Apparently, she was working on her latest assignment, a small boat for the Jarl, when her body was found. Suddenly, the common thread between victims strikes you. Water!

You grab Anya's mother by the shoulders and shake her. "Where's the nearest lake?" you exclaim.

She tells you of Lake Forlorn, a small body just north of the town blacksmith. You arrive there soon after, and scan the surrounding area. It's not long before you notice what looks like the opening of a cave hidden behind a pair of shrubs.

You make your way inside, and quickly slap your hand across your face to block the stench from your poor nose. There are three more bodies inside, two fresh, one ... not so much. You examine the bones. Most have been picked clean. You notice fractures covering the clavicle and ribs.

The guard was right. This is the work of a dragon.

The driver was right. This is the work of a troll.

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