These bones are much too clean for a dragon's doing. You've not had much experience with the flying lizards, but you can assume that they likely eat their victims in a single chomp, not having the time or interest in cleanly parsing flesh from bone. No, this looks much more like the work of a troll.

You head for the city and find the guard whom you'd earlier seen leave the crime scene at the nearest inn downing some dark local brew from a frosted stein. He seems offended and ashamed that you led an investigation into the deaths of his countrymen without him. Clearly drunk, but finally motivated, he grabs you by the arm and drags you behind him out of the bar.

You circle the town with the guard at your side, but fail to find the offending troll, if there is one at all.

"Here trolly, trolly, trolly," the man slurs drunkenly.

You tug on the chainmail of his sleeve. "Perhaps you shouldn't--"

"I flurgfa--uh--know what I'm a'doin'!" he yells back, pulling his arm gruffly from your touch. "Here trolly, trolly, trolly!"

To your imminent surprise (and also the guard's) a giant frost troll suddenly appears from behind a nearby house. It's the largest one you've ever seen. Well, to be fair, it's the only you've ever seen, but still ... damn that thing is big. You look behind you. A large tree stands between you and the rest of Riverwood. Escape doesn't seem to be an option. Stupid tree. You look back to the guard. He's gone. Did he run while you were turned away?

A bone dripping with troll slobber lands in the light layer of snow beneath your feet in front of you. You think you recognize it as having once belonged to the guard. Yes, come to think of it, that was about the size of his thigh, you think. Unfortunately for you, it now seems like you're going to have to deal with this troll on your own.

Steady your nerves and focus.

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