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Pick Your Path Adventures
Pick Your Path: Mass Effect

Mike Kayatta | 28 Mar 2012 21:00
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Getting that recording is your top priority, and if that means traveling across the galaxy to find Shepard on some remote planet in an unknown system, then so be it. After all, it sounds like you have free transportation waiting to take you there immediately. If things go well, you could have the recording and be back on the Citadel within a few short days! The strange smoking man said it might get dangerous, but what could go wrong on a small, out-of-the-way human colony of which no one's ever heard? What did he call it? Horizon?

You travel down the elevator, and find yourself in a large docking bay filled with a variety of ships crewed by a diverse assortment of species. You spend a few minutes looking around for the smoking man's pilot, quickly realizing you have no description of her, just a name. Frustrated, you open your mouth to yell it aloud when a raspy voice whispers in your ear. "You the Illusive Man's guy?" it asks.

You spin around to find a limber-looking Drell standing behind you, arms crossed, mouth rolled into a tight, crooked smirk. She winks at you. "Name's Captain Zohya. Professional Pilot, Pirate, and Profiteer. Pleased to be making your acquaintance."

"How did you know it was me?" you ask.

"Don't sell yourself tall," she laughs. "You're the only lubber hobbling around the docks with an expression like that. Let me guess, the Illusive Man told you near nothing about what you're doing. That guy, I swear ... "

"The Illusive Man?" you ask. "Is that his--"

"Shh," the Drell cautions. "Not so loud. Come on, follow me and I'll show you my vessel."

She's walked past five different well-made ships you were hoping she'd point to, when you arrive at a small, four-person shuttlecraft painted space-black with what looks to be a large white decal featuring a Drell skull atop two crossing bones.

"There she is," Zohya says proudly. "The Last Chance."

"The last chance for what?" you ask.

"That's her name," she replies crossly. "Now get yourself inside."

You duck through the door, and are unhappy to find the transport somehow even more cramped inside than it seemed from the outside. Zohya deftly spins into the pilot seat next to you.

"Now, before we go off chasing the Illusive Man's whimsy," she says slyly, "I've got one other idea I'd like to slide by you. I've been working for that ghost for what's going on two years now, and I've ... acquired some intel on a special little operation he's got going on Erinle out near the Hourglass Nebula. So what do you say? We forget whatever tripe he's got you doing and go rob him blind. We split the take 50/50."

She stretches out her limbs, activates the craft's engine, and smiles at you. "But I'm up for anything. You want to go to Horizon, I won't argue. A pirate finds treasure anywhere she goes." She winks again, this time with her vertical eyelid.

You'd love to find Shepard, but perhaps there's a different way to sooth your financial worries. Chart a course for Erinle.

Shepard's recording is all that matters and, anyway, robbing a such a powerful man sounds risky. Follow the plan and chart a course for Horizon.

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