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Pick Your Path Adventures
Pick Your Path: Mass Effect

Mike Kayatta | 28 Mar 2012 21:00
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Caleb agrees to help you with your vigilante investigation, using the full power of C-Sec's resources to speed the search. You go through everything of which you can think: sales records, transport contracts, shipping manifests, and more. A full day goes by, and still, neither you nor Caleb has found anything even worth following up on.

In a last ditch effort, you decide to re-read one of the sales logs you'd discounted during the beginning of your search. If nothing else, perhaps you can at least take a peek at which items are commanding the greatest demand and try to stock additional product at your kiosk. As you pour through the numbers, you notice a discrepancy with one of the shipping logs you'd read not ten minutes ago. You quickly sift back through the stack of papers you've accrued and confirm your suspicions. This is it! Koo, the hanar merchant from Cirrus Tech is tracking more shipments than he inventories, usually a clear sign of black market smuggling.

You call Caleb and inform him of your discovery. He congratulates you on the find, gushes for five minutes about how much he misses having you on the force, then asks you to meet him at Koo's warehouse. You'll need to confirm that he's actually storing illegal goods, and not simply just a terrible accountant.

You take your old C-Sec sidearm out from your wall safe, and arrive at Koo's warehouse an hour later. You find Caleb waiting near the door. Using the C-Sec clearance programmed into his omni-tool, your old partner quickly bypasses the door. Once inside, it's not long before you find the shipping containers the papers mentioned: Z, 34, A15, just six rows back on the bottom shelf of the right-hand side.

You pry open the top of the crate, revealing ten, tightly-packed M-920 Cains. Caleb leans over your shoulder and peeks into the bin. "Woah," he says. "Sorry, Partner, but this just got bigger than your business worries. I thought we were going to find illegal off-world fruit or an unlicensed shipment of Serrice Fire Brandy. I've got to call this in."

"I understand," you say sadly. And you do.

Caleb brings his omni-tool closer to his mouth. "Command?" he says. "I've got a 10-26 at Docking Bay--Command, are you there?"

Suddenly a voice speaks from behind you.

"This one is afraid that this one has cut external communications," it says.

You spin around to find Koo standing behind you, two of his spindly, pink tentacles armed with submachine guns. "Did you think this one wouldn't monitor the entrance to its warehouse for C-Sec overrides?"

"Yeah?" Caleb replies aggressively. "Well these two have you out numbered."

"This one respectfully disagrees," Koo replies flatly. A group of twenty Eclipse Mercenaries emerge from behind him, easily spanning the narrow exit from the row.

You draw your pistol and slowly turn, placing your back against Caleb's. "Just like old times," you say.

"I'm getting' too old for this shit," he replies, mirroring your movements.

Koo and his mercs raise their weapons toward you. Above them, you notice a rusted pipe tagged green for gas. A bit convenient, maybe, but not as much as you'd hope. Hitting that pipe could blow the entire warehouse, you and Caleb included.

Shoot the pipe. It's probably suicide, but fighting twenty Eclipse mercenaries and a dual-wielding Hanar mad with power is definitely suicide.

Get into a shooting match with the twenty-one opponents in front of you. It's probably suicide, but blowing up the entire warehouse with you still inside of it is definitely suicide.

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