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Pick Your Path Adventures
Pick Your Path: Mass Effect

Mike Kayatta | 28 Mar 2012 17:00
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There's no time to waste on the chance that one of the thirteen storeowners on the Citadel is dirty and that you could find the evidence to prove it in a timely fashion. No, that's a gamble you're unwilling to take.

You travel to Purgatory where you find Gavin, an old C.I. forger who's almost always glued to the upstairs bar. He's got a thing for dancing Asari. You put the screws to him with idle threats, and rather than call your bluff, he quickly leaves to alter the latest shipping manifest of a Hanar named Koo.

Damning documents in hand, you head to Koo's warehouse with Caleb that night to plant them inside one of the crates that C-Sec can "conveniently" choose to randomly inspect the next morning. Your old partner uses his security clearance to bypass the door.

You choose a random row near the back, and pry open the top of a random crate. To your surprise, you find ten, tightly-packed M-920 Cains. These weapons aren't legal on the citadel. Koo actually was dirty. You take a moment to absorb the irony.

Caleb leans over your shoulder and peeks into the bin. "Woah," he says. "Sorry, Partner, but this just got bigger than your business worries. I've got to call this in."

"Whatever you think you have to do," you say angrily.

Caleb brings his omni-tool closer to his mouth. "Command?" he says. "I've got a 10-26 at Docking Bay--Command, are you there?"

Suddenly a voice speaks from behind you.

"This one is afraid that this one has cut external communications," it says.

You spin around to find Koo standing behind you, two of his spindly, pink tentacles armed with submachine guns. "Did you think this one wouldn't monitor the entrance to its warehouse for C-Sec overrides?"

"Yeah?" Caleb replies aggressively. "Well, these two have you out numbered."

"This one respectfully disagrees," Koo replies flatly. A group of twenty Eclipse Mercenaries emerge from behind him, easily spanning the narrow exit from the row.

You draw your pistol and slowly turn, placing your back against Caleb's. "Just like old times," you say.

"I'm getting' too old for this shit," he replies, mirroring your movement.

Koo and his mercs raise their weapons toward you. Above them, you notice a rusted pipe tagged green for gas. A bit convenient, maybe, but not as much as you'd hope. Hitting that pipe could blow the entire warehouse, you and Caleb included.

Shoot the pipe. It's probably suicide, but fighting twenty Eclipse mercenaries and a dual-wielding Hanar mad with power is definitely suicide.

Get into a shooting match with the twenty-one opponents in front of you. It's probably suicide, but blowing up the entire warehouse with you still inside of it is definitely suicide.

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