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Pick Your Path Adventures
Pick Your Path: Mass Effect

Mike Kayatta | 28 Mar 2012 21:00
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"It's not worth our lives!" you yell. "Let's just get out of here!"

"Then come on!" Zohya calls back to you. "I've got the location of the ships! We need to move!"

You dash to her position, and quickly press the call button for the elevator near the console. "Come on, come on," you say impatiently.

You see Zohya typing furiously into her omni-tool to summon a combat drone. "Let me just take one shot at that bas-"

"No time," you yell, pulling her into the lift by the arm. The doors shut, and you ride the elevator down six floors to where Zohya has pinpointed the docks. As soon as you arrive, the lift opens to a small army of collectors, most of whom probably share a similar idea of escape. You hear a string of booming explosions coming from above you. This whole base is about to go.

Some of the collectors stop what they're doing and open fire. There's no time to fight them. All you can do is run. Soon, you find a free ship, and Zohya leaps into the cockpit. You fire a few stray shots at the remaining collectors just before the dome closes. Five minutes later, you're in the air, and you see the collector base explode into flames behind you. Soon the remaining wreckage is crushed into particles by the black hole it once orbited.

Zohya asks if you'd like her to drop you back at the Citadel, but you realize that there's nothing left for you there. You ask instead if she would mind you staying with her for a while on Kahje. She says that nothing would make her happier.

Over the coming weeks, Zohya contacts the Illusive Man, and departs his service. Ever since your adventures together, she explains to you, she's stopped feeling the urge to act recklessly. She's seen what it's like to bring good into the world, and already knows that she's good at it. Why would she bother with anything else?

Soon, you help her open a small counseling center for wayward youths called "Flying high." It's actually got a fun concept behind it; kids learn teamwork by flying cooperative missions in flight simulators with their peers. The center teaches them a valuable skill, while channeling their aggression into something constructive. Of course, as with any business, there are a few dollars to be made. You've made sure the center is affordable, sure, but not free. The business never does quite as well as your store on the Citadel, but you earned the right to owning it in equal measure, and that's what always mattered most to you. And the best part? No one here could care less about Shepard's opinion on the matter.

The End.

Mike Kayatta is personally responsible for this potentially controversial ending. You can petition him to change it via Twitter (@mikekayatta) or just check out his books at JohnGone.com

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