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Pick Your Path Adventures
Pick Your Path: Mass Effect

Mike Kayatta | 28 Mar 2012 17:00
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You put together a proposal offering Kelley 15% of all profits you receive while using her recording of the Shepard endorsement. Without going into details, you ask her if she has time to meet with you to go over a proposition. She invites you to her apartment that evening at sunset to discuss the details.

You place the "just-in-case" ceremonial pistol that your mother gave you 115 years ago under your gown before you leave. You aren't planning on needing it, but you're used to carrying it with you wherever you go. It's always been somewhat of what human's call "a security blanket."

You arrive on time, and knock on the door. Kelley is quick to open it, dressed in an extremely revealing white synthetic leather dress. "Why, hello there," she says in a voice that falls far short of what was obviously meant to sound seductive. You do you best to hide your rolling eyes. You should have known she had the wrong idea about this the moment she wanted to have this meeting at her home instead of her office.

"May I come in?" you ask politely.

"I wish you would," she replies.

Kelley invites you to join her in the bedroom, you suggest the kitchen table, and finally the living room couch becomes a compromise. You do you best to explain the simplistic deal you've formulated, but she refuses to focus on business. As such, she's just not getting it.

"It's very easy to understand," you say calmly. "You give me a copy of that recording, and as long as I'm playing it, you see a share of my store's profits. I'll program the terminal to automatically--"

Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. "One sec," Kelley says playfully, "then we can talk about your little scheme." She winks at you as she walks toward the front of the apartment.

"It's not a scheme," you insist. She opens the door. "I'm simply saying that if you hand over the file, you stand to make a lot of money." Then you notice who's at the door: a young brunette reporter standing in front of someone who seems to be her cameraman. It's been a long time since the paparazzi has been so hard up for a story that they followed you around.

"You got that, right?" the reporter asks her cameraman. He nods.

"Got what?" you ask accusatorily. She looks back to you.

"I was just wondering what the Asari councilor's daughter would be doing with a known opponent of the Asari's indentured servitude policies on Illium, but it seems like I just stumbled onto something much, much better." She points her omni-tool at you. "Exactly what file were you attempting to bribe Kelley Copson for possession of?"

She clearly thinks this was some sort of blackmail scheme. Offer the reporter an exclusive interview tomorrow morning to fully explain your side of the story.

If reported incorrectly, this story has the potential to harm you, your business, and your mother's career. Maybe even the Asari's good standing on the Citadel. Looks like your "just-in-case" pistol is about fire its first shot. Kill the reporter and her cameraman.

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