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Pick Your Path Adventures
Pick Your Path: Mass Effect

Mike Kayatta | 28 Mar 2012 21:00
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You can't risk this tabloid reporter taking something like this to air. Everything you and your family have ever worked for will be destroyed. You slowly step past Kelley and reach for your gun. As you bring it to your front, the reporter and her cameraman turn to run. You fire a shot at both of them. The first one downs the reporter. The second one misses her cameraman.

You run into the hall after the escaping journalist, firing two more shots. Both miss. Meters ahead of you, he turns a corner, breaking your line of sight. A minute later you spin around the end of the hall after him. You find him just on the other side, standing behind a patrolling C-Sec officer he must have just stumbled into. The officer looks at the gun in your hand, and before you have a chance to surrender, fires his assault rifle into your stomach.

The End.

Mike Kayatta is personally responsible for this potentially controversial ending. You can petition him to change it via Twitter (@mikekayatta) or just check out his books at JohnGone.com

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