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Pick Your Path Adventures
Pick Your Path: Mass Effect

Mike Kayatta | 28 Mar 2012 21:00
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"Drop me down there," you say heroically. "But, you'll make sure those soldiers don't shoot me, right?" you say less so.

"Of course!" your pilot replies. "Captain Zohya's always got a plan! Don't worry, this shuttle might not look like much, but I'll lay down a layer of covering fire these clowns won't soon forget!"

You attach the front of your suit to the harness at the end of what looks like a large spool of black cord. "Do I have this on right?" you ask. Zohya answers by flipping a button on the dash. The back of the ship flies open, and you're sucked out.

Eventually, your freefall slowly decelerates to a controlled drop, and soon, you've reached the object at the bottom. Carefully, you hook it to the harness. A hail of gunfire sounds from above you. The soldiers are firing down from the edge of the pit.

True to her word, Zohya begins a barrage of covering fire. A volley of missiles fly from the shuttle to the edges of the pit. The resulting explosions cause the ground to break, sending an avalanche of dirt and Cerberus troops to tumble to the bottom. But the landslide doesn't stop there; soon, the pit is filling faster than you're ascending. Zohya doesn't seem to notice. Thirty seconds later, you're buried alive.

The End.

Mike Kayatta is personally responsible for this potentially controversial ending. You can petition him to change it via Twitter (@mikekayatta) or just check out his books at JohnGone.com

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