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Pick Your Path Adventures
Pick Your Path: Mass Effect

Mike Kayatta | 28 Mar 2012 21:00
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You drop your gun and raise your stubby arms into the air. The two krogans behind you have a different idea, and raise their shotguns to fire. The fight is over before you can tell either of them to stand down. Both are dead, making a nasty mess of the hallway behind you. Bailey slaps a set of tech-enforced cuffs around your wrists and leads you back to C-Sec headquarters for processing.

In the days that follow, your Clan disavows both you and your actions. Waleed testifies against you, and not one public defender on the station will agree to your case. You hope that your fast compliance with the arresting officers will be enough to move your sentence from the death penalty to incarceration.

You look at the wall beside you where a previous prisoner scrawled something into the hard plastic. "I'm Commander Shepard," it reads, "and this is my favorite cell on the Citdel." You shake your head and the hallucination clears. "Zed was here," is all that's there. You've never been in such a perilous situation, and that damnable recording is still all you can think about?

Suddenly, the cell door opens and Commander Bailey walks through with a look of defeat washed across his face. He explains that all charges have been dropped, and that you're to be released immediately. You ask him how this happened, but he just sighs and waves away your question with a limp brush of his hand. Confused, you follow his instructions and way your way back home within the hour.

You open the door to the swank apartment you can no longer afford, and are immediately met by a life-sized projection of a man smoking a cigarette. You don't recognize him. You're not even sure how the equipment to project him got into your apartment.

"I know you weren't expecting me," the man says, taking a long drag of his smoke. "But all you need to know is that I'm a powerful man with your best interests at heart. As proof of my statement, and as a gesture of goodwill, I'm the one who had you released this afternoon."

You look at him quizzically, your mind buzzing with a thousand questions. All you manage to spit out, however, is a mild, "thanks."

The man nods. "I am also familiar with your current situation. You require an endorsement from Commander Shepard, and I require a service from one interested in finding him."

"I'm no tracker," you say.

The man takes another puff before replying. "Oh, I already know where he is," he says. "And I'm going to send you there. The Commander is currently on a mission for me, and will soon be arriving on a small human colony called Horizon in the morning."

"Never heard of it," you reply.

"I'm not going to lie," the man says. "This is going to be dangerous. I'm worried that even Shepard might not make it off planet alive. If that happens, I need someone else, someone ... unaffiliated to be there, ready to salvage his omni-tool and bring me the data stored on it before someone else can get to it. If Shepard succeeds, as I hope he will, instead of pillaging his corpse, you can get his endorsement for your store."

"I have some ques--" you start.

"There's a pilot by the name of Zohya waiting for you in on Docking Bay 6-R. I hope you'll consider my proposal."

Before you can reply, the hologram fizzles.

Accept the mysterious man's proposal and take the elevator to Docking Bay 6-R

Did he say "dangerous?" Best to quit while you're ahead and wait for Shepard to come back to the Citadel.

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