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McArthur Blankenship | 15 Aug 2009 13:00
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Japanese Rebrand Rape, Causes Hullabaloo

Japan's rebranding of erotic games featuring rape has caused uproar with victims of crimes committed with precious metals. Japanese games featuring sexual assault will now be known as "Platinum" games. The change comes after a decision by the Japanese government to ban nearly every synonym for deviant sexual behavior last month.

One group that is not happy about the change in names is The Precious Metal Survivors of America (PMSoA) which says that the rebranding has trivialized their cause.

"We want the world to know platinum assaults are very real and they are nothing to laugh at. The rebranding of these games shows how insensitive the makers of rape simulators are to our plight," said Jerry Rice, a spokesman for the group. A statement made even more moving by the platinum medallion which was fused to his heart during a tragic bling accident.

Other problems that have occurred due to the rebranding seem to stem from the confusion surrounding the game Pokemon Platinum, and Microsoft's Platinum Hits edition of Dead Rising.

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