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Reliable Source: Internet addiction and Michael Bay

McArthur Blankenship | 15 Aug 2009 13:00
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Michael Bay Taking Suggestions on Next Childhood Memory to Ruin

After the huge box office success of Transformers, Universal Pictures has begun an online contest to pick the next favorite childhood memory to be made into a three hour summer blockbuster replete with CGI meteors, exploding tanks, and aircraft carriers crashing into the Whitehouse.

Voting in the online poll so far is tied between The Cosby Show, and that eternal classic, She-Ra: the Princess of Power. It's not completely clear how Bay's unique directorial style would change the series but it's safe to say that we at Reliable Source look forward to Dr. Huxtable teaching Theo an important lesson about self worth by helping the military in defeating a race of psychotic aliens intent on destroying the Washington monument with bomb-bearing robotic space eagles.

Aside from his movie projects, Michael Bay has been contracted to ruin other more personal experiences like your first kiss and that time you and your dad went out fishing and he gave you your first beer.

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