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Reliable Source: Blizzard, Fallout 3 and Trickery

McArthur Blankenship | 26 Aug 2009 21:00
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Twenty-Something Speaks About the Good Ol' Days of Gaming

After dropping hints for a week, someone finally asked Jerry Wright a question about his opinion on gaming, to which he delivered a two hour dissertation on the subject in the coffee shop where he works as a barista.

Mistaking Wright for an industry insider, a professor at Breveet College in Southern Saskatchewan asked the young man to give a lecture about the history of games and gaming to his class. Jerry's personal tales of blowing out NES carts and funny anecdotes about how long it took him to download pornography on his 300 baud modem seemed to be a hit with the students. Things were going well until a student asked him how old he was and why he was quoting Wikipedia articles verbatim.

Mr. Wright, out of answers, then argued that 'back in the day' it didn't matter how old people were and that borrowing stories from your older brother or Wikipedia was just as valid as white people rapping about growing up in the streets of Compton, or learning another language so they could read dirty Japanese comics.


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