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Reliable Source: Blizzard, Fallout 3 and Trickery

McArthur Blankenship | 26 Aug 2009 21:00
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Washington State Clinic to Treat Game Enjoyment

A Washington State based addiction treatment center recently started offering a 45 day treatment for internet, and game related addictions.

"Our initial problems with opening the clinic were that no legitimate psychologists recognized game addiction as a psychological condition. They were too busy treating people with ailments like dementia and bipolar disorder to see how people having fun in their spare time is destroying lives. Because of those prejudices against the disease we had a hard time legitimizing it until one day I stumbled upon an online dictionary that described addiction as 'The condition of being habitually occupied or involved with something.' It's a little ironic that the very thing we treat here freed us from traditional psychotherapist mumbo-jumbo. Under that definition, we can pretty much classify anything people do for fun as a disease. This allows us to get government subsidies, and funding from private charities.
But the best news isn't for us, it's for gamers who have $14,500 ($322/day) and want to be cured of their debilitating dependence on games for entertainment."

After doing some research, Reliable Source has discovered that for significantly less you can sign up for Robert Munch's addiction group: Break Free or Die. Specialists come to your house around midnight, knock you unconscious and leave you tied up in a barn outside Salt Lake City for a mere $50 a day.

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