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Reliable Source: Pirates, Sex and Spoilers

McArthur Blankenship | 9 Sep 2009 21:00
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Pirates Complain: Leak Quality Declining

Pirates have suffered many hardships recently. The purchase of The Pirate Bay by a company wanting to legitimize the business model landed a harsh blow to pirates, many of whom do not know how to Google another torrent site. That's why pirates were outraged to learn that some recent game leaks have been missing content. There are also rumors that developers are intentionally breaking software to make it more difficult for pirates to play.

"It's very hard to be a pirate in this day and age," said a Swedish man. "We put a lot of effort into honing our craft. There are countless hours of using the search command, wading through corrupted software and removing viruses from your computer. That's why it's the publisher's duty to deliver the highest quality leaks. These days it's getting harder to tell if a pirated game is actually worth stealing. Pirates had to wait nearly two weeks before they had access to features only available to paying customers of The Sims 3. This new approach to digital rights management is really making it hard for pirates, and if the gaming industry continues to release buggy products we'll just have to take our business elsewhere."

The National Organization for Home Intruders (NOHI) released a statement agreeing with game pirates. The statement calls for homeowners to fill their homes with electronic equipment that is both costly and easy to put in sacks marked $$$. The group is also claiming that home protection, such as locked doors and barred windows, makes it harder for them to do their jobs.


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