Science!: Gambling, Beer Bones and Wind Tunnels

Lauren Admire | 15 Feb 2010 21:00

Beer Builds Better Bones

Beer may be part of a healthy, balanced diet. As it turns out, beer is rich in silicon, which the body requires to keep bones and connective tissues healthy. I for one spurn the idea of getting my daily dosage of silicon from oats, barley and rice, fruits and vegetables, or any other "healthy" comestibles.

The lucky researchers at the University of California tested 100 commercial beers for their silicon content and found that the silicon found in beer had 50% bioavailability, meaning that out of every 100g of silicon you ingest, about 50g of it would make it into your system and be put to proper use.

"We already knew that beer was likely to contain the highest source of silicon per serving because its manufacture uses the husk of the grain, where the silicon is contained," explains Johnathan Powell, the lead author of a similar study published in 2004. "Now we have confirmed that beer is a readily available source of silicon. Unlike some other high-silicon foods, the silicon in beer is readily absorbed because it exists as a soluble silicate." Based off of this research, a diet of beer in moderation may help fight osteoporosis. Good to know.

Source: Science Daily


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