Science!: Giant Squid Sex and Whale Nostrils

Lauren Admire | 26 Jul 2010 21:00

I have a great idea for a new TV show. Monkeys + Prison Break. Cast a white-fronted capuchin as the mysterious Michael Scofield, a bonnet macaque as the wrongfully accused Lincoln Burrows, and a common squirrel monkey as the intelligent Veronica Donovan. Trust me, this idea is pure gold. And it's based on a real-life scenario.

A group of 15 monkeys being held at Kyoto University's primate research institute escaped a few weeks ago. By bending tree branches back and then releasing, 15 monkeys catapulted over the electrified five-meter high fence in true Wile E. Coyote fashion.

"Their jumping power was greater than we thought," said Hirohisa Hirai, deputy head of the institute, said. "We were extremely surprised by the intelligence and the power they used in order to escape."

Apparently, the monkeys decided to leave after a harsh turf war broke out in the prison yard. Capuchin Burrows and Chimp "T-Bag" had a bit of a disagreement over a banana, and before things got too bloody, Burrows and friends made a daring break for it. In broad daylight. The balls on these guys!

Unfortunately, their taste of freedom was brief. All of the escapees were lured back to the research institute with the promise of sweet, sweet peanuts. Once in, they were slapped with a 15 year extension to their sentences and the trees were trimmed in order to prevent any further escapes. Next time, stick to the sewers, guys.

Source: Vancouver Sun

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