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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 2

Shamus Young | 27 Jan 2010 21:00
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And so ends the tutorial part of the game for Hobbit characters. Cutscene time!


Here the game shows us a pre-rendered cutscene of Amdir the special-needs ranger assaulting the bandit outpost and rescuing a couple of Hobbits. If you play as a human character, then your tutorial is assaulting the camp along with Amdir. During that sequence (which is just a combat / clicking stuff tutorial) your human character will kill all the bandits, Celandine will burn down their hideout, and Amdir will bumble around until a Nazgul runs him through.

Either way, both Human and Hobbit characters wind up in Archet on the same quest line. This is a second-stage quest area, as you're still penned in - you can't get out of Archet and explore the world until you finish these quests. (If you play as a Dwarf or an Elf, you will have an entirely different starting area.)

Since I'm playing as a Hobbit, as soon as I meet up with Amdir I'm transported to the town of Archet.

It's morning now. I've had a nice rest and a bite to eat. The sun has risen and things are looking up for me. Maybe I should think about heading home now. Then I remember: The town is surrounded by brigands. Besieged even. Nobody can leave town.


As I exit the inn - which sounds like an oxymoron but really isn't - a towering human female greets me. She tells me that Amdir has returned from his errand and has rescued a couple of Hobbits. So, good on him and all.

Oh, and a Nazgul poked a hole in him, which is probably bad.


I find him in a heap in the middle of town. I nudge him with my foot and he mumbles something about being stabbed with a Morgul knife. From what I gather, the knife might kill him OR turn him into a wraith. But aren't wraiths actually dead? So, same difference, really. Then he asks me to take his place in defending the city.

Hello? Did the Nazgul stab you in the brain? I'm three and a half feet tall and armed with a knife so dull that it doesn't actually matter which way you hold it. Plus, I'm a musician.


But Amdir offers me a bribe to do a little job for him. He gives me a shirt. A green shirt. I love green. And shirts. And... well, I love clothes in general. It's a minstrel thing. Okay, Amdir might be the runt of the Ranger litter, but he's found my weak spot. For clothes, I will do him a favor.

Although I'm not going to ask where he got a Hobbit-sized woman's shirt.


And look, Celandine is here. I'm glad she's safe. I'm even more glad to see she still has her shirt.

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