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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 3

Shamus Young | 3 Feb 2010 21:00
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Five messy wolf-stabbings later, I return to MUDBRICK (ha ha!) to see what he wants next, and if he's willing to offer me any clothes. I politely suggest that maybe we should hold off on further big game hunting until after we do something about the IMPENDING RAID WHICH WILL KILL US ALL.


Dirk looks off in the direction of the bandit camp and thinks for a bit, "I'd like ye to go see if ye can discover their plans."

I fold my arms, "You want me to just track down a random ruffian and ask him what they're up to? I realize humans are astoundingly moronic - no offense - but I think they're at least smart enough to not blabber their plans to me."

"Well, I wasn't suggesting ye ask them, as such. See if they've been issued any orders."

"Do you honestly believe they'll just have their secret plans written down? And that they'll carry those around with them in the woods? And even if they are that thick - and they might be - how do I get those orders?"

"Well, naturally ye will have to kill them."

"Kill? A person? No. I'm drawing the line here. I've killed spiders. I've killed wolves. But I will NOT kill-"

"I'll give ye these shoes."

"One dead brigand, coming up."



On the downside, I've just killed a man. On the upside, he actually is carrying orders and I have a brand new pair of shoes waiting for me when all this is over.

I take the note back to DIRK MUDBRICK (tee hee) and show it to him. He gets all excited because the note clearly identifies Calder Cob as a spy. Why would the bad guys write sensitive stuff like that down?

Who cares? Gimmie shoes!


I take the note to captain Brackenbrook, who immediately orders his men to arrest Calder Cob. Oh, so he wouldn't believe that one of his own men was a traitor even when everyone else in town said so, but now that he's seen it written on a piece of paper he's convinced. But more importantly:


They're green!

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