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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 3

Shamus Young | 3 Feb 2010 21:00
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Captain Brackenbrook wants me to go speak with his son Jon and see what help he might need preparing the city defenses. I just need to take the east road out of town.

This is good news. The south road is surrounded by bandits, wolves, and wild boars. I don't want to have to go that way. In fact, it will be nice to be able to get from A to B for once without having to hack my way through half the fauna of Middle Earth. Let's see, east road...


Oh goblin balls. It's spiders, isn't it?


Bigger than the spiders from last night.


I really don't know how these people can live like this.


Do people really have to fight giant spiders every time they want to go to the lodge?


It's supposedly a hunter's lodge, but I think most hunters would be sick of killing things long before they made it halfway there.

On my way into the lodge I meet...


"A Dwarf! Never met a Dwarf before. Hi there. What's your story?"

"Aye! Greetings Traveler! Would you be interested in some work? I can offer ye this ring."

I think I like Dwarves already. "Jewelry? Now that sounds pretty nice. What's the job?"

"Well, I'll be needin' ye you go on the road back towards town and kill me five 'O them gigantic spiders."

"Yeah. Done!", I tell him.

"What do ye mean, 'done'? Ye are still standin' here!"

"I know. I just came in on that road. I killed a bunch of the little bastards. Now hand over the ring."

"No, I want you to kill five more."

"I did. I killed five. And five more, and then some. Now let me see how the ring fits. Will I need to have it sized?"

"No, I want ye to kill five more, startin' now."

"Look you mop-faced drunk, you promised me a ring for five dead bugs."


Sigh. Fine.

I do hate when games do this. Ask me to kill something new, but don't ask me to kill five of something when I had to kill a dozen of them to get here to get the quest to kill five. It's just... rude.

I squash some bugs and get my new ring.

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