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Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 5

Shamus Young | 11 Aug 2010 13:00
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Hello ma'am. The fact that you're rooted in place and have an icon over your head tells me you're the local NPC vending machine. I mean shopkeeper. Or whatever. Look, I'm having just as much trouble mapping MMO conventions to comic book archetypes as you are.

Back at base, I meet someone who wants me to craft...

Here is our introduction to the crafting system. As with Hellgate: London, the entire crafting system is a lot of busywork for no meaningful benefit. I am not a fan.

...a cold shield to protect me from the extreme cold I'll be facing ahead during a particular boss fight.

Fine. Done.

I also have to save a few more people from a different plane crash on the other side of the base. These people have been frozen in blocks of ice, and I must use some doohickey to thaw them out, after which they jog away. Occasionally in the direction of safety.


Han? Is that you?

Again, I can't help but admire the tremendous badassery of the average civilian. David Blaine attempted a trick where he was frozen in a block of ice and it kicked his ass. And note that he was doing the easy version of the trick where you don't have to survive a plane crash first.

Now that we're done saving civilians, it's time we got down to putting a stop to the Snowpocalypse. This means pummeling some more ice demons...

image that we can gather the little voodoo knicknacks they carry and perform a voodoo ritual to summon their boss...


...and give him a beat down so I can take his inter-dimensional scroll, and take that back to...

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