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Shamus Plays: Champions Online, Part 5

Shamus Young | 11 Aug 2010 13:00
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I have to fight some zombies. I've been occasionally encountering zombies since I arrived in Canada.


Note to game designers: Zombies are mindless undead. I'm pretty sure you're thinking of cannibals.

These are no doubt most talkative undead in history. Their banter is infantile and un-funny, but I guess it's hard to come up with witty material when your brains have rotted out.

Which I guess is a big problem at Cryptic Entertainment.


On the upside, not one of them tells me how bad or out-of-the-ordinary the weather is.

Anyway, there's a dude in a suit trying to awaken the demon-god Kigawhatsit and make it TOTALLY SNOW, LIKE SUPER-MUCH all over our base in the frozen wastes of Canada.


Dude, I can understand the temptation to appeal to the Blizzard-god in order to make the Cataclysm come now, but I'm pretty sure this won't help. I mean, they don't even have a release date yet...

Hey! This guy has pants! How come our leader doesn't have pants?

He's doing some sort of ceremony to awaken Kigawhozit, who looks like a fifty foot astral projection.

I figure if I hit Mr. Pants enough he'll probably stop. I do. He does. Yay good guys!


"Excuse me sir, but your dark suit would be more menacing if you weren't using pink energy blades. And if your face didn't have a crater in the shape of MY FIST!"

This is the first real boss fight in the game. Tutorial boss Black Talon is a pushover, but this guy can give you a beating if you're a little low in level or your character build is flawed.

Boss defeated, I return to the land of Canada. Looks like the storm has ended...



Next time: Canada, the undiscovered country!

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