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Shamus Plays WoW #6: Overwhelmed by Kobolds

Shamus Young | 1 Dec 2010 13:00
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It takes us three more attempts at a frontal assault before we manage to scrape by the guards at the entrance and push our way into the mines where we find, to our complete lack of surprise, that the place is completely full of kobolds.

We kill a couple of the locals just for good measure, and then we head back to Goldshire, city of brave champions.


Marshal Dughan is upset by the news, "Kobolds at the Jasperlode Mine, you say? Curses! The situation is worsening by the minute!"

"So, I guess you'll be increasing your patrols in that area?" Norman asks earnestly.

Dughan gives a little shrug. Meh. Whatever.

"But ... what was the point of scouting the place if you weren't going to do anything about it?" Norman asks.


"Oh you know. Looks good on the end-of-week reports. Shows we're involved."

Norman looks around at the other guards loitering about town, "But ... you're not involved."

Dughan gives another one of those little shrugs.

"That does it!" Norman shouts. I know what we're going to do!"

And with that he marches us right out of town and to the capital city of Stormwind.


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